A Town Called Paradise

Set in Australia, this script is about Shannon, an ambitious young marketing executive, who is about to make her biggest career move yet by marrying Grant, a wealthy property developer. Then she falls in love with Sean, a charming, but penniless, male stripper.

The Edge of Tomorrow

This is a big screen version of Gerry Andersen's famous puppet series, the Thunderbirds. Sent to test a revolutionary new 'star drive' developed by the mysterious Thunderbird Foundation, Commander Tracy and his crew - Scott, Virgil, Alana and Brains - are plunged into a desperate adventure. Surviving against all odds, they return to find the world on the edge of annihilation - a fate which only they can prevent with the help of the fantastic craft they have brought back from "The Edge of Tomorrow".




"A Town Called Paradise" ( 1996) is registered with the Australian Writers' Guild
and has the number: 5529

"The Edge of Tomorrow" was inspired by Gerry Anderson's puppet series "Thunderbirds".