Sent to test a revolutionary new 'star drive' developed by the mysterious Thunderbird Foundation, Commander Tracy and his crew - Scott, Virgil, Alana and Brains - are plunged into a desperate adventure.

Surviving against all odds, they return to find the world on the edge of annihilation - a fate which only they can prevent with the help of the fantastic craft they have brought back from "The Edge of Tomorrow".

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"I could'a been a contender ..."

With a ton of money, I still believe, "The Edge of Tomorrow" could have been a box office blockbuster.

Unfortunately - for me, that is - Working Title Films owns the rights to this property and their effort are scheduled to hit the big screen any day now. (According to someone who claims to have read the script, it's not looking too good ... but let's wait and see.)

In a way, this makes my script an interesting document - read what I've written and then when they release their film, make up your own mind which story is better :-)

Anyway - here's the pitch I wrote for my attempt at putting International Rescue up on the big screen.

A popular, well-established concept

The Thunderbirds was a popular puppet series created by Gerry Anderson in the 1960's. The series has an established base of enthusiastic fans - young and old - thanks to numerous re-runs and video sales.

From TV puppet series to full length feature film

Like Spiderman, X-Men, Superman, Batman, Flintstones, Adams Family and Star Trek etc. etc. etc. "The Edge of Tomorrow" puts the Thunderbirds up where they belong - on the big screen.

Set in the first decade of this century, the story focuses on the origins of the Thunderbirds, telling how Jeff Tracy and his crew come into possession of their amazing craft and giving them their first world-saving mission.

Part 1 of a trilogy

Sent to test a revolutionary star drive, Jeff Tracy and his crew (Alana, Scott, Virgil and Brains), find themselves catapulted into the unknown. Their only chance of survival is to somehow resurrect the derelict spacecraft they find there and return to Earth.

Meanwhile, the world is being held to ransom by the hijacker of an orbiting space station who threatens to release the Death - a deadly virus capable of wiping out Earth's entire population in weeks - unless his highly unusual demands are met. And behind the scenes moves the mysterious Lady Penelope.

"The Edge of Tomorrow" is complete within itself, but the foundations are laid for at least two sequels (the plots are well defined, but no drafts have yet been written) that develop both the overall story, and the relationships between the characters.


To balance the sexes of the main character list, and to allow better character development, I made a few changes to the original 'cast':

  • Commander Jeff Tracy

Jeff Tracy is in his early forties, taciturn and isolated by the weight of his responsibilities, and his experiences in space. Ed Harris would be perfect.

  • Lady Penelope

The mysterious and reclusive Lady Penelope has seemingly supernatural abilities of prediction, and premonition. Owner of the fabulously wealthy, but emphatically low-profile Thunderbird Foundation, she has been instrumental in developing the Star Drive, which is the starting point for "The Edge of Tomorrow". I had Isabella Rossellini in mind when I wrote the part.

  • Scott

A hot-shot ex-Top Gun pilot with superfast reactions and a playboy image that belies a loyal team player. Tom Cruise to a "T".

  • Alana

An attractive young woman who has proven her worth in the fields of space medicine, marine biology and telecommunications - and isn't content to rest on her laurels. Elle MacPhearson.

  • Virgil

    The oldest member of the Thunderbirds, Virgil is the reliable, rock'n'roll father figure whose biggest love is his young granddaughter. Sean Connery. Morgan Freeman.

  • Brains

    A young genius, crippled from birth, Brains relies for mobility on a unique exo-skeleton which encases his atrophied limbs (inspired by William Gibson). Any physical inadequacies are more than compensated for by a staggering intellect and a withering wit. Brad Pitt. Seriously.

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"The Edge of Tomorrow" uses Hollywood's standard 'three act paradigm', (see Syd Field's 'Screenplay' and 'The Screenwriter's Workbook'). Click here to read the first act.